Farm Management Services

Helping to keep farms growing

Farmers are the backbone of this country and our communities, feeding our nation and the world. At The Farmers Bank, we’re committed to your success. Our extensive professional farm management services and knowledgeable staff may help you improve your profitability today, and ensure that your farm is a valuable resource for tomorrow.

A unit of The Farmers Bank Investment and Trust Services Division, the professional farm management team currently manages over 5,000 acres of farmland in Indiana. Our purpose is to provide farm owners with the expertise to solve day-to-day management opportunities while optimizing net farm income.

The Farmers Bank farm management system is a tailored program to maximize the results for each landowner. We initially determine short and long term goals, and create objectives to meet those goals. After an objective is created, we make an effort to satisfy the needs of both the landowner and the farm tenant, to create long term stability.

Our Farm Management goals include:

  • Increase income
  • Maintain consistent communication
  • Conserve assets
  • Manage costs
  • Increase profits
  • Be community minded

We offer a number of services to assist clients with their personal farm goals, including:

  • Developing and negotiating lease agreements with farm tenants
  • Ensuring crop rotations when completing regular on-site farm inspections
  • Analyzing soil test information given by farm tenant, maintaining sound soil conservation practices
  • Maintaining environmental records
  • Making recommendations for building construction or repair
  • Keeping accurate records and providing financial reports to the owner
  • Reviewing and paying bills
  • Reviewing real estate taxes and insurance coverage
  • Providing safekeeping of tax information, paid bills, receipts, leases, and legal documents
  • Providing necessary documents to local FSA offices

Contact us for additional information or to set up a consultation. We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your unique circumstances and how we can help you care for your farming operation.

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